Sri Guru Carana Padma

Kayika, through your body, also means through what you have gotten. You’ve gotten some money, material opulence, so you offer; render service through that money, that is kayika, physical. You also have some followers, dependents, jana. With all your subordinates, you should serve Guru. That is kayika. Offering everything, one should render loving service to the lotus feet of Guru. ‘Followers’ means you are a family man. You have wife, you have son, you have daughter, you have friends, servants, whatever. So you serve with all the members of your family. That is kayaka. Through all your capacity, you should serve. This is why it is said, vando mui savadhana mate, with utmost care one should do vandana, offering prayers we should worship Guru - with utmost care, savadhana mate.

Vacika, through your words, you also offer prayers, glorifications to Guru. Also, hear from Guru, sravana guru vakya guru katha sravana. What you have heard, tell that thing to others, also. Allow other persons to hear through you, that is using your words, vacika. You also have some doubts, humbly ask questions and clarify your doubts, that is pariprasna. This is all service, seva.

Manisika, mind, you should put firm faith, unflinching faith, in the words of Guru, firm faith, unflinching faith. And you should understand that in various forms, my Guru has manifested before me and is helping me and showering mercy onto me. This is the thinking of the mind. That is how you should serve through your mind. This is kayika, vacika, maniska.

All vaisnava-sadhus in the world are all manifestations of Gurudeva. Guru-krpa, the mercy of Guru, is my only asset. Nothing else. Therefore, we say, vando mui savadhana mate, do Guru vandana with utmost care. Understand? Be careful! Don’t be careless.

Only Sri Guru Can Bring the Disciple
into Krsna Samsara

Sri Guru says that you are an eternal servant of Krsna. So you should be engaged in the service of Krsna. But where is Krsna and where am I? How can I serve? Is Krsna in the material world? No. Krsna is in the spiritual world, Vaikuntha! Krsna’s world is Vaikuntha samsara, bhagavan-kasya-samsara. I am in the material world. Krsna is the only enjoyer, jiva is not the enjoyer and jiva cannot be the enjoyer.

His Divivine Grace Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Gurudeva says, whatever you see and find, this is all paraphernalia for Krsna’s enjoyment; it is not for your enjoyment. In Krsna’s world in Vaikuntha, enough abundance of Krsna’s enjoyment is there. As you want to become free from clutches of maya, similarly, Bhagavan, Supreme Lord Krsna wants to take you out of maya’s clutches, maya’s fort and engage you in His service, that is Krsna’s desire.

Krsna is the only enjoyer and His desire for enjoyment is unlimited, ananta. Therefore, He wants to enjoy taking everybody into His embrace. That He wants. You are a tiny jiva; have you any capacity to enjoy? You have no capacity to enjoy at all! You are not enjoyer what capacity do you have? You have only developed some abhimana that ‘I will enjoy, Oh I will enjoy.’ It is all abhimana, pride, but you have no capacity to enjoy. But Krsna has unlimited capacity. He is the only enjoyer. He enjoys in unlimited ways. Jiva is to be enjoyed, upabhogya. Jiva is not bhokta, jiva is not enjoyer, jiva is to be enjoyed, upabhogya, do you understand what Krsna wants? But Krsna is there in His abode, in vaikuntha-rajya, in the spiritual world. You are here in, sakuntha-jagat, the material world. So how can you serve? But he has made a trick for you. Krsna has made a trick for you. What is that trick? That trick is Gurudeva. Sri Gurudeva is that trick. He has sent Gurudeva here to this material world and Gurudeva has prayed for Krsna’s samsara here. That is Krsna’s desire, “Let My samsara manifest.” Pure Vaisnavas, sadhus-mahajanas, they are Gurus. So, by sending them here, Krsna wants His samsara to manifest here. And Gurudeva has opened that samsara here. The Supreme Lord has not said to Gurudeva, “You go and do your samsara.” He has not said like that. The Supreme Lord said, “You go there and do My samsara.” So, by the desire of Krsna, Gurudeva has come here and he has opened Krsna’s samsara. Krsna is his eternal master, nitya-swami, and Gurudeva has dedicated his life, complete dedication, complete surrender, kaya, mana, vakya, his body, mind and speech, everything, he has dedicated and surrendered to Krsna.

So, those who come to him, those who take shelter at the lotus feet of such a Sri Guru, he takes them and makes them enter into Krsna’s samsara. Gurudeva says, “I am opening Krsna’s samsara, I am doing everything for the pleasure and enjoyment of Krsna, so, you come and enter into Krsna’s samsara and render unalloyed loving service to Krsna and thus you’ll be free from the clutches of maya and free from material suffering.”

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